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A hard wearing cotton border in a flat basketweave finish. 

Usually set at @55mm* showing on carpet


DW 3000

DW 3008

DW 3014


DW 3017

DW 3018

DW 3020

DW 3021

DW 3023

DW 3026


DW 3031

DW 3032

DW 3034

DW 3040

DW 3042

DW 3045


DW 3050

DW 3062

DW 3063

DW 3065

Cotton Stripe

This range has a 'two tone' effect as two different colours are woven into the tape in a basketweave finish. 

Hard wearing - width 120mm

DW 400024


DW 400023

DW 400040

DW 400042

DW 400047


DW 400091

Herringbone Cotton

A heavier weight and harder wearing than our standard range.

Usually set at @55mm* showing on carpet.



* Please be aware that colours shown are a computer generated image and therefore are only a guide, not an exact colour match.
*We are happy to provide a maximum of 4 samples per person upon request.
*For a description of our ranges please find these on the 'Tape Edging' tab
*Other colours and ranges are available to order - please contact.

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